How to Replace the Gasket on a Big Green Egg

Gasket_FinishedSooner or later, the gasket will fail on the Big Green Egg. For mine, it lasted 7 years before smoke could be seen  coming from between the dome and the base. That’s a long time, considering gaskets are part of the regular maintenance for a BGE, and should be replaced every couple years when you begin to lose heat and smoke from it.

Besides gasket replacement, you should regularly clean out the ash from the bottom of the entire egg (not just the middle of the fire box) to ensure proper airflow, and tighten up the spring assisted bands on the dome lid. This instructional post will cover replacing the gasket with a High Heat Gasket.

Equipment Required

Gold Standard High Heat Gasket
Rubbing Alcohol
Putty Knife
150 Grit Sandpaper
Paper Towels


  1. Loosen the band on the dome lid by locating the bolt on the side of the egg and carefully lift the lid out of the band. (notice the glaze is cracked. This doesn’t affect the egg at all. It just means I’ve never covered it in the past 7 years!)Bolt
  2. Flip the lid over on a smooth surface so the gasket is facing up.
  3. Carefully pour rubbing alcohol on both gaskets, making sure that you don’t drip any over. Let the liquid soak for 15 minutes.
  4. Using the putty knife, slip it under the gasket and then work your way around the surface of the egg base until the gasket is removed. Repeat this process for the dome lid.Putty
  5. Pour additional rubbing alcohol on the base and lid again and let it soak for 5 minutes to free up any remaining sticky glue from the old gasket.
  6. Use the putty knife and scrape the base and lid to remove all remaining residue. Wipe up with a paper towel.
  7. Using a sanding block with 150 grit sandpaper, carefully sand the surface of the base and dome lid to make sure the ceramic is clean. Any reside left over will guarantee the gasket will not stick in that spot. Wipe the surface with a paper towel.Sand
  8. Don’t cut the gasket to size right away because you may end up cutting it too short. Start by removing the plastic film from the bottom of the gasket and stick the end on the rim of the base. As you work your way around the base, compress the inside of the gasket so that it makes turning it on the circle easy.Apply_Gasket
  9. When you get to the end, line up the gasket with the starting end and then trim to fit.
  10. Using the palm of your hand, press down firmly on the gasket around the entire base to secure it.Dome_Finished
  11. Repeat steps 8-10 for the dome lid.
  12. Place the dome lid back on the top band and tighten down the bolt. Seat the lid back on the base and make sure that it lines up and seals properly.
  13. Do not use the egg for 12-24 hours to allow the adhesive to cure. Cooking too soon may cause the adhesive to fail and you’ll end up replacing the gasket again.

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