Gadgets for the Geeky Griller

Now that the holidays are right around the corner, I though I would share a list of grilling tools I think that grillers and smokers should have in their backyard. This list is by no way complete, but a sampling of some of the best tools to get grilling.


Maintaining Grill Temperature


I always carry at least two thermometers. One with wireless control to monitor the temperature throughout the entire cook,

Handling Hot Food

  • Grill Heat Aid Gloves – Unlike other silicon grill gloves that stop at 425°, these will protect you up to 932°!

Wrapping Food

Whether you need to wrap food to cook (Texas Crutch), maintain temp after cooking, or for serving, there are a few options. Some grillers go for restaurant style plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Instead of boiling the meat in the juices, pick up some peach-treated butcher paper and use a double wrap method. Yes, it will be messy when you take it off the grill, but those sweet juices trapped in the paper is perfect for making BBQ sauce. Using the porous paper allows the meat to maintain the bark, because you won’t be boiling the protein in its own juices. Granted, its not the same as going without a wrap, but certainly better then the alternatives.



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