Bacon Wrapped Turkey

BTurkey_DoneIf wrapping something in bacon doesn’t sound good, you are on the wrong website! Bacon goes good on anything. That salty, fatty content mixed with just a touch of meat is perfect for keeping the breasts of your turkey and chicken moist during a long cook.

This recipe is a twist on my last post of How to Smoke a Turkey. We start with all the same basics of whipping up herb butter to stuff between the skin, brining the whole turkey for 24 hours, and finally putting it on the grill using an indirect cooking method until it’s crispy and 165° on the internal temperature. The key difference here is before you place it on the grill, pull out some Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon (I prefer the Trader Joe’s brand), and create a bacon weave on top the breast meat. You could cover the entire turkey in bacon, but that’s up to you. This needs to go on before you start cooking, and don’t worry, it won’t dry out or burn. BTurkey_Wrap

Next, make sure you are using apple wood chunks in your smoke. You don’t want to confuse the smoke flavor of the infused bacon by adding something new. I use a mix of apple and red oak. After at least an hour into the cook, you’ll notice the bacon is starting to get crispy. At this point, start slathering on some Pure Maple Syrup, and do this every 45 minutes to 1 hour until the bird is done. The end result is borderline pig candy on top the turkey, and the juiciest bird you’ve ever eaten.BTurkey_Coat


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