Perfect Hot Wings

Hot Wings with Sticky Sriracha Sauce (called Sticky Wings)In a previous post called Smoked Hot Wings, I provided details on how create a delicious and smoky hot wing by cooking it on a Big Green Egg, or other smoker, for 2.5 hours. If you are just looking for a perfect kiss of smoke, combined with a crispy outside skin, this recipe is just for you.

I start this recipe with first separating the wingette and drumettes, and discarding the wing tip. Cooking the whole wing takes more time, and there isn’t much on the wing tip worth eating. When the pieces are all separated, give them a nice cold rinse to remove any slivers of cartilage and rinse any traces of blood and “goo” from the meat. Now you are ready to begin.


  1. Place the wingettes and drumettes into a large container filled with 2 quarts of water, 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 1/4 cup of kosher salt. Seal the container and place it in the fridge. The wings need to remain in the brine for at least 30 minutes, but no more than 1 hour.wing_brine
  2. Heat your bbq smoker to 250° and add 1-2 wood chunks of you favorite flavor for poultry (Pecan, Alder, Maple).
  3. Rinse the brine off the wings, pat dry and then lightly pepper them.
  4. Slow cook the wings on the grill for 35-45 minutes, until the internal temperature of the wing reaches 165°.smoked hot wings on grill
  5. Remove the wings and place them in a sealed container in the fridge overnight. The wings need to return to a cool state, or the skin doesn’t crisp up as well when fried.smoked hot wings cooling
  6. On the following day, using a dutch oven, pour enough peanut oil or canola oil in the pot to cook multiple wings at a time (aim for 2″ of liquid). Heat the oil to 375°.
  7. Cook the wings in small batches for 5-6 minutes until the outside is crisp.
  8. As you remove the wings from the oil, place them on a cooling rack. Do not use a paper toweled plate, or you’ll end up with one side of the wing soggy.fried chicken wings
  9. Using a shallow bowl, place your favorite barbecue sauce, hot sauce, or sticky sauce (see below) in the bowl and then toss 6-8 wings until coated.bbq buffalo wings in stout sauce
  10. Sprinkle the wings with chives or parsley, or kick them up by broiling some fresh cheddar and bacon on top!

NOTE: If you don’t need all the wings fried up at once, store the smoked wings in a food saver bag and place them in the freezer. Just thaw them and fry them up when you need to satisfy a wing craving.

Brine Ingredients

2 Quarts of Water
.25 Cup of Brown Sugar
.25 Cup of Kosher Salt

Sticky Sriracha Sauce

3 Tablespoons Sriracha Sauce
3 Tablespoons Honey
3 Tablespoons Butter
.75 Tsp Ground Ginger
.5 Tsp Granulated Garlic
.5 Tsp Sesame Oil
1 Tsp Lime Juice
1 Tablespoon Shoyu Sauce
.25 Tsp Black Pepper
.25 Tsp Red Pepper Flakes


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