How to Defrost a Big Green Egg

Defrost a BGE with Heat Gun

Defrost a BGE with Heat GunLet me first start by saying if you take my advice on this post, you are doing it at your own risk. Using a heat gun inside a Big Green Egg improperly can cause damage to the gasket, or possibly crack the ceramic. However, if you find yourself in sub-zero temperatures like I am, if a BGE goes uncovered during a snow storm, there’s always the possibility that it gets sealed shut with ice. I have one that is covered, and the my 10 year old BGE that gets no love. On warmer days, it looks like the dome created an ice shield. :P

Before you decide to hang up barbecuing for the Winter, reach for a trusty heat gun with a variable temperature control. I use a simple Wagner unit that you can pick up at a hardware store from $20-$40, depending on features. You only need one with a variable temperature setting.

  1.  Start by removing the cap or daisy wheel from the top.
  2. Place the end of the heat gun in the top vent pointing straight down.
  3. Turn on the gun and set the temp on the gun to a low temp (under 750°).
  4. Make sure the gun is pointing straight down and not at the sides. Walk away for 10 minutes.
  5. Carefully lift the lid open. It should open with little to no resistance. If it doesn’t, leave the gun in there longer. Patience is key to avoid ripping the gasket off because you get in a hurry. Good luck applying a new gasket when its -25°.
  6. That’s it. Check the bottom vent and quickly heat it up so it slides with easy. Light the fire and get grilling.



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