A New Smoker!

Well 2016 is already well underway, and the BBQ season in the North is about ready to start up again in a few weeks. First up is the Fire on Ice KCBS competition, which also doubles as a World Food Championship qualifier. The winner of this event get an invite to this year’s WFC held in Alabama.

So, with that said, it’s time that Big Geek BBQ get more serious on competing. First up, comes with the addition of a new smoker to the Big Green Egg family, but it’s not an egg this time! After much long debate and over a decade of passion with the BGE family, I realized that in order to do what I want to do with BBQ ,both on and off the competition circuit, the Egg wasn’t going to provide everything I needed. I just needed something bigger.

After some long research into the most popular brands, as well as up and coming brands, I found a commonality between several manufacturers in Texas, Georgia, and Alabama. They all seemed to be making the same reverse flow system at varying prices. Texas has a lot of direct flow systems too, but a reverse flow has less of a delta between the left and right smoke chamber temperature vs. a direct flow option. We are only talking about a 10 degree difference, and I aim to improve that with some modifications.

I debated with what features were necessary, could I mount a BGE on the trailer, do I really need a warming box, and what size chamber do I really need. I also considered used vs. new, but most used prices were the same as buying new, and the used ones needed some repair. Lastly, I landed on this 30×60 reverse flow smoker trailer with an insulated firebox, warming box, grill box, and wood storage. With two main slide out shelves in the smoke chamber, I can pull the top one out and roast a pig!

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Well buying something that could handle 20 pork shoulders, 15 slabs of ribs, etc. is necessary to compete in some events that have people’s choice awards requiring 25lbs of meat to be cooked. How many eggs does it take to cook 20 8lb pork shoulders? Let’s just say a lot.

This doesn’t mean my BGEs will collect dust. In fact, the BGE is still critical to cooking at home, as it will handle all the grilling and pizza making. It will also be the smoker of choice during those cold North Winter months when I just need some BBQ, no matter what time of the year it is.

Stay tuned for the next article, where I’ll cover how to season the offset smoker, and also make modifications to the smoke chamber for a more even cooking temperature and to avoid having leaks.



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