I Grill, Do you Grill?

I recently got my hands on a new iGrill2 device from iDevices (now part of the Weber family). If you’ve read my other posts on the PartyQ and Stoker, you already know that I’m a big fan of the Stoker system because of it’s ability to expand to multiple blowers, thermometers, etc. However, if you don’t have a need for a blower system, I highly recommend checking out the iGrill2.

I put it to the test recently, by cooking four pork shoulders and having a probe in each from the Stoker, Maverick ET-732 and the iGrill2. Out of the gate, the Maverick doesn’t have a mobile device application. Instead, you use a second controller device to set alarms and get the current temperature readings for the grill and meat probes. This requires the user to be within range of the second device to keep an eye on the cook. I started out on the Maverick, long before devices like the iGrill2 came along. However, in comparing the temperature consistency between the other devices, the Maverick showed within 2 degrees of the control unit, which was a thermapen.

Next comes the Stoker. The meat temperature was within 1 degree of the control, plus I can attach multiple probes and designate which ones are meat vs. grill temp. Besides the probes, the Stoker has multiple applications available to control the device, from a built-in webpage interface, to Apple apps like StokerX. For mobile devices, there are several to choose from, including the Pit Pal BBQ app. Using these apps, you can update the progress of a cook via Facebook, Twitter and more.

Finally, we come to the iGrill2 device. Temperature difference of 1-2 degrees depending on probe attempt between the control and iGrill2. However, I find this device mixes in the best of the Stoker with the simplicity of the Maverick. Set each of the four probes type and alarm using the central unit, or download the iDevices app and configure it from there. Besides having four probes, the iGrill2 also supports Siri and Amazon Alexa commands via the iDevices application as well. In addition, at only $99, you can buy multiple devices and use the single app to control them all.

My favorite feature of the iGrill2 is the case for the probes. All other brands just include the probe that gets tangled in the bottom of your BBQ drawer like a box of holiday lights. The case easily fits both the probe end as well as locking in the connector end for easy storage. Add the color coding and you’ve got some serious organization skills going on. It’s all about the little things that often sets a product apart.



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